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About cookies

Cookies are small text files installed on your computer by webpages you visit. Cookies send information to the webpage to determine settings and preferences. They are widely used to make webpages work more efficiently and provide information about visitors’ preferences.

Why do we use cookies?

Without cookies, you would not be able to use many of the functions on our webpage. Using cookies also helps make the webpage work more efficiently to provide the best browsing experience.

We also use cookies to monitor the usage statistics of the webpage and the activities performed on the page. The information we collect is used to improve the user experience and content of the webpage.

Cookies we use

Strictly necessary cookies

Strictly necessary cookies are an integral part of webpages. Without them, webpages would not function properly. They enable you to move around our webpage and use its main functions. For example, strictly necessary cookies allow you to set up an account and log in. When these cookies are blocked, the webpage stops working properly.

Cookies that track the performance of the webpage

These cookies collect information about the number and manner of visits to the webpage. All the data that cookies collect are compiled and generalised, making it anonymous. The collected data are used only for the purpose of developing the webpage.

Third party cookies

Webpages can, among other things, include elements (contents and links of partner webpages) that save cookies for third parties. Unfortunately, we have no control over these cookies. In this case, you should check the list of third party cookies for more information.

How can you manage cookie settings?

Most browsers enable you to control cookies through browser settings. This means that to delete or block cookies, you must change your browser settings.

Bear in mind that you may not be able to use all the functions on the webpage when blocking cookies.

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