Quality translation at affordable price

Quick and convenient service. Prices from €10/page.

Price enquiries are free of charge. Pay for completed order only if the result matches your expectations.

What are the advantages of Kayade.com?

Fast translation

The average time from placing an order to the delivery of the translation is 24 hours; however, the record is 30 minutes!

Affordable prices

Several translators send offers in response to your enquiry and you choose the most favourable!

Experienced translators

The competence of all translators is evaluated and marked with a golden, silver or bronze sign.

Risk-free payment

You pay only for high quality translations; otherwise we pay your money back.

How to order a translation?

The compilation of an enquiry does not take more than 30 seconds. The enquiry is sent directly to professional translators.
The competence of all translators is evaluated and marked with a golden, silver or bronze sign.

In case of more common language pairs translators start sending price offers already within 30–60 minutes irrespective of the time of the day or the day of the week. The price offer is final and no supplementary costs are added.

If a translation order is placed, the corresponding sum is booked on your account.
The sum of the translation is retained on your account until you accept the order.

Payment options: PayPal Siin saate maksta krediitkaardiga Siin saate maksta krediitkaardiga

When the translation is ready, you will get a corresponding e-mail. Then you may accept the translation, send it back for correction or request the refunding of the booked sum. The invoice is generated automatically after you have accepted the translation.

Our clients praise translators

“Hea ja kiire tõlk. ” Client u7117 praised a translator Turzik
11:31 20.12.2014
“Tänan! Teie suhtumine oma töösse on professionaalne.” Client aarel praised a translator ylletarum
23:53 19.12.2014
“Olen tõlketeenuse kvaliteediga väga rahul. Töö kiire ja korralik!” Client MSin praised a translator Marga
11:04 18.12.2014

Our regular clients

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